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Tue 28 Jan 2020



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Suitable for ages 14+ **Please note that this show contains occasional swearing, strong and emotive themes, strobe lighting and loud sudden noises. Support for photosensitive patrons is available, as well as a limited amount of ear defenders.** Becky is thirty years old and wants to make a difference. Frustrated with her peers, Becky wants to empower the next generation to stand up and change the world. Tonight she'll perform an inspirational presentation for you, the audience, designed to do just that. Except there's a problem. Becky's been talking so much that she's not realised the Youthquake has already begun. YOUTHQUAKE is an exciting, 360-degree theatre experience from the award-winning Zest Theatre. Developed through conversations with 800 young people from across the country, YOUTHQUAKE uses their words and opinions to give voice to a generation often left unheard. Part show, part TED Talk and part party, YOUTHQUAKE takes you on an exhilarating journey through the hidden lives of Teen Britain and asks what it actually means to change the world. YOUTHQUAKE has been inspired by and developed with more than 500 young people from Tees Valley and 300 young people from elsewhere in the country. This special Tees Valley tour has been part-funded by the Tees Valley Mayor and Combined Authority and developed in partnership with the five Local Authorities, Arc in Stockton, Hartlepool's Centre for Excellence, The Hullabaloo & Darlington Hippodrome, Middlesbrough Town Hall and Tuned In! in Redcar. YOUTHQUAKE is a celebration of the voices of young people across the region and beyond: we are listening.

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