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All Killer No Filler At 100 Club

All Killer No Filler At 100 Club

Fri 6 Mar 2020


All Killer No Filler At 100 Club

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Human Punk proudly presents: ALL KILLER NO FILLER No support bands! Four killer bands. Get there early! Don't miss a thing! KNOCK OFF - the hardest working band on the scene. Back at their spiritual home the 100 Club. Surely their last LP was album of 2019? EAST END BADOES - Human Punk faves! Always amazing live. The 100 Club is their second home. They don't play many shows. Don't miss thuis one! THE WARRIORS - Another big favourite of Human Punk. Been way too long since we had them at the 100 Club. They blew the roof off at Cream Of The Crop Festival. LOAD - First time at the 100 Club for LOAD. Suffolk carrot crunchers! What a band they are! Just amazing to see the reaction they got at Cream Of The Crop. The band everyone is talking about. If you haven't seen them yet you are in for a treat! DJ's: Dr Vinyl & JK Herbert spinning their fave 45s. Loud & in your face, there is no let up at Human Punk. ALL KILLER, NO FILLER!!

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