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John Otway And Wild Willy Barrett

John Otway And Wild Willy Barrett

Sat 8 Feb 2020


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John Otway And Wild Willy Barrett

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John Otway
John Otway

John Otway first came to be in 1977 with "Really Free". Throughout he has come a long way, coming back in 2004 with "Ot-Air". He will be playing soon, with shows in Glasgow, Birmingham and Poole.


Still going after more than 40 years and still loved for their total in-yer-face originality, the contrast between the dead pan humour of Barrett and mad onstage antics of Otway are hilarious to watch. John's lyrical genius and Willy's outstanding musicianship (he seems to play almost every stringed instrument known to man, plus a few hybrids of his own making!) almost become an added extra. For any Otway/Barrett virgins out there who don't know what to expect, be prepared for everything from bare-chested theremin playing to wah wah wheelie bin as the duo jump from one hit and 40 near misses to another: An amazing and irreverent performance by two master entertainers.

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